Camping in Kristiansand. By Anders Martinsen.


There’s so much to love about Southern Norway. Within the region’s isolated forests, rushing rivers, rocky shores and quaint towns, visitors from around the world have indulged for decades in this Norwegian paradise. Within the grandeur of Southern Norway, guests and their families find their lives enriched with a combination of pure relaxation, abundant adventure and palpable freedom. A truly unique region, that sees most of it’s visitors come back for more, time and time again.

The tales of visiting are best told by those who have experienced the region. This website is a platform for previous visitors to share their love of Southern Norway and to inspire a new group of travellers to find their own adventure within its bouldered coastland, dense spruce forests and open, waiting roads.

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Hiking, Setesdal. By Anders Martinsen.


Fishing in Southern Norway. By Tommy Egra.


Rafting at TrollAktiv. By TrollAktiv.


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USUS AS, the destination marketing organisation for the southern part of Norway, covering the two counties Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder. The area is often refered to as “Sørlandet” in Norwegian. For more information visit: