A couple’s road trip through Southern Norway

A couple’s road trip through Southern Norway

Ever wondered what you might come across as you explore the versatility of Southern Norway? German bloggers Anke and Thorsten guide you through their 4-day journey from Kristiansand to the elks, from the highlands on the Suleskarvegen to kayaking around Flekkefjord. We put together an itinerary based on their blog post, which reveals a new surprise behind every fjord and mountain along the way.




Meet the shy forest dwellers

First, pay a visit to the inconspicuous town called Grendi, where you’ll come across Elgtun; an elk park that is home to eight moose. Get up close and personal with the ‘kings of the forest’, whilst you learn about their diet and way of life. Afterwards, explore the enclosure of the animals on a guided walk or enjoy barbequing in the outdoor space.


Take a hike

Brokke Alpinsenter is a wonderful starting point for a short to medium length hike. It’s the perfect ski slope during winter, and a wonderful hiking trail in summer. Spend the night at the Sølvgården Hotell; either in the hotel, a typical wooden hut or on the campsite. It’s an eclectic place that serves great breakfast and houses a wonderful restaurant for dinner. For the self-caterers or cooks amongst us; there are enough picnic spots dotted along the water for you to enjoy the view as you cook up a storm.


Detour down the Suleskarvegen

A wonderful road trip along the Suleskarvegen awaits you. The highlight: a detour down 27 hairpin bends to the small town Lysebotn, at the end of the Lysefjord. Regardless of the season, you’ll come across towering highlands covered in snow on your right and left.



Stop for a photo-op

On the way to Lysebotn make a pitstop along the trail to Kjeragbolten; the renowned rock that is wedged solidly in a mountain crevice and can be reached after a 2.5 hour ascent. It’s definitely worth a photo (or 10!). Don’t forget to wear the right gear, and bring enough water and snacks with you. If you’re keen to sit and eat, restaurant Øygardstøl has the best panoramic views of the hairpin bends that wind down to Lysebotn.


For a well-deserved rest

After a day of hiking, you’ll crave a moment of relaxation. Spend the night at Bølgen&Moi Utsikten Hotel, a beautiful hotel built using local oak wood. It’s situated at the top of the mountain overlooking Kvinesdal, surrounded by breathtaking views across the river and town. It’s within easy reach of some of Southern Norway’s most attractive sceneries including Mandal, Knaben and Lindesnes.


Kayaking in Flekkefjord

Now, it’s time to explore Flekkefjord by kayak. Either head towards the sea for a more adventurous trip or paddle inland towards for a more peaceful ride. Flekkefjord is sheltered from the wind by the tall mountains on all the sides, and you can kayak right through the town.


Taste the flavours of Norway

Lindesnes Havhotell is the place to be for the best Norwegian cuisine. The dishes have an enchanting quality; they are put together with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and topped off with regional influences. Imagine enjoying seaweed from the beach, asparagus from a neighbouring village, freshly caught fish, and all refined with fresh herbs. Wind down at the most Southern lighthouse of Norway, and watch the sunset.


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