Visiting Southern Norway with children. Tips and ideas from a Dutch traveller

Visiting Southern Norway with children. Tips and ideas from a Dutch traveller

Thinking of traveling to Southern Norway with children but don’t know where to start?  Our first ever #LoveSouthernNorway Ambassador, Hettie, is just the person to help you plan a great trip. With more than 30 visits to her name, the Dutch traveler shares some of her most memorable moments from our region.

Hettie’s must-see attractions in Southern Norway:

Elgtun. Visiting the elk park as a family was a very special experience. Being able to see these beautiful creatures up-close during their feeding time is quite magical.

Up-close with elk at Elgtun

Gaustatoppen. As the highest mountain in Telemark, the views are nothing short of spectacular. We took the cable railway (Gaustabanen) straight into the mountain before walking down. Make sure to try the tasty waffles from the Tourist Association’s 100-year-old stone cabin on the summit.

Kristiansand Museum. Located at Kongsgård, the museum consists of the Open Air Museum, Miniby (miniature houses) and a main building with a toy exhibition. In summer, they have some great activities for children including old-fashioned games and listening to fairy tales in the old houses. We joined the felting workshop which we really enjoyed.

Langedrag Nature Park. Visiting here was a truly wonderful experience. We went on a horse ride and petted some of the 350 animals which call the park home. It’s also a mountain farm with its own dairy and goat production.

Hardangervidda National Park.  This is a great spot for anyone who loves the outdoors. Being Norway’s largest national park, there are endless opportunities for hiking and cross-country skiing in winter. The wild reindeer population is amongst the largest in the world. Make sure to visit the Hardangervidda National Park Centre for information on nature and history.

Vemork. As a former power station, it doesn’t sound like something kids might like, but it’s actually a great experience. Now called the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, you can learn about the industrial revolution in Norway and the power station’s connection to World War Two.


Visit Sørlandet: Why should people visit Southern Norway?

Climbing with kids

Hettie: There is just so much choice in Southern Norway. You can have a relaxed vacation and just enjoy the views. You can also have an adventurous vacation and do all sorts of activities. You might walk up and down some trails and do rafting (near Evje you can do loads of activities), or you might want to do a little of both. You can also visit various museums and get to know Norway’s past (and maybe a bit of your own). And most important of all, the welcoming nature of the Norwegian people. They are very helpful and proud of their country.

Visit Sørlandet: What do you want to see and do on your next visit?

Hettie: We’d like to enjoy the swimming area in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. The rafting in Evje is also high on our to-do list.


Find out more about Hettie and why she loves Southern Norway here.

Have you travelled Southern Norway as a family? Share your best tips and stories in the comments below!

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