Cabins, silence and a million stars. Tales of recharging in the remote forests of Southern Norway

Cabins, silence and a million stars. Tales of recharging in the remote forests of Southern Norway

How much does Christoph Jansen love Southern Norway? Enough to buy a Cabin nearly two decades ago, which he still owns and visits frequently. Jansen named his cabin “Wissener Hytte” and even upkeeps a website about his adventures in the Southern Norway wilderness. “I love this place and I come about 3 times a year to visit it. I like bathing in the lake Vassvann in summer and walking through fresh snow in wintertime” he noted in his Love Southern Norway Ambassador application. We caught up with our newest ambassador earlier this week to find out more about his visits from Germany and what else he loves about Southern Norway.


Visit Sørlandet: When was the last time you visited Southern Norway and what is your best memory from that trip?

Christoph: My last trip was 10 days ago! It was a very fine trip. We had one week of warm, sunny weather and a few days of rainy weather. I own a cabin in Norway,I bought it in 1998 and always have my holidays there. It is 1 hour from Kristiansand. There’s a wonderful lake that I love. It is so quiet. In Germany, I live near an international airport and the planes go above my house and it’s very loud. There it is very quiet and fine.
In former times, I’ve been rafting in Evje. I also like the coastline. I have been several times to Lillesand on the south tip. There are many fine places there. But, I love sitting at the cabin and sitting on the terrace. I bought a canoe some years before and I go by canoe on the lake.


Visit Sørlandet: Describe your perfect day in Southern Norway.

Christoph: I’ve had several perfect days. A perfect day begins with breakfast in the sun outside. Then I go to a place that I like, if it’s really warm, I go for a swim. A perfect day is silent, and quiet.. Another fine day may be when I go to Southern Norway in wintertime. Outside, its minus 10 or minus 15 degrees and inside the cabin its warm with an open fire. I like every time of the year in Norway.


Visit Sørlandet: You said in your application that you’ve done quite a bit of skiing. In your opinion, where is the best skiing in Southern Norway?

Christoph: I think the best is Hovden because it is the largest and there is also this wonderful Aqualand & Spa. If you have finished skiing you can go to the Aqualand and spa. My cabin is not far in the North, so I sometimes visit the smaller ski resorts. I have been to Brokke, Gautefall, Bortelid. I think most Norwegians go Nordic skiing. I’m often there with young people who like more action, so we go to the alpine areas.


Visit Sørlandet: Did you visit any attractions or do any specific activities outside of your cabin?

Christoph: I mostly visit Lindesnes when I am in Southern Norway and I like it when there are the high waves and winds and sometimes a storm. You can smell the North Sea and it’s a great point of interest. It is about 2 hours from my cabin so it’s a day trip. I like it very much there.


Visit Sørlandet: Describe Southern Norway in three words.

Christoph: Oasis: where I can get more power for the days I have to work. Home. Paradise.


Visit Sørlandet: What makes Southern Norway unique compared to other places you have visited?

Christoph: For me it is a point of relaxing more than other places in the world. I also make trips to big cities like Rome or Vienna but there you aren’t relaxed when you come home.There {Southern Norway} you have time and it is relaxing. It has wonderful nature, the mountains and the sea and the forest and the lakes, everything is there. If you go to another country you have the sea and nothing more or you have a lake and nothing more, there you have everything.


Visit Sørlandet: What is the best meal you’ve eaten when visiting Southern Norway?

Christoph: I have been at the Provianten in Mandal. It is a very fine restaurant. It is directly at the water and you can sit inside and outside. They have their own brewed beer. I think they have their own coffee and bread and everything is made freshly there, it’s very interesting.


Visit Sørlandet: What makes Southern Norway an ideal spot for Germans?

Christoph: I have been with very many people in the last years. It’s a very interesting landscape with possibilities to use a canoe, to walk, to go swimming in the lakes and to have a pause with quietness. I show most of my guests the elks in the evening. I have a flashlight and when you go to a place and look with a flashlight you see them.


Visit Sørlandet: What do you think surprises a visitor to Southern Norway the most?

Christoph: For me there are not so many surprises because I’ve been going for 17 years. Sometimes, it is surprising for my guests that my cabin is without water and electricity. I have only a solar panel on the roof and a spring near by. You have to take the water from the spring and electricity is not there. It’s very relaxing for everyone. In Norway, I don’t know if the window is open or closed. It is so quiet.

The surprising thing is that you can in some nights, see the Milky Way. You don’t see it here {In Germany}, since it’s so foggy every time. There are so many stars and it’s so dark in Norway, it’s wonderful.


Visit Sørlandet: When is the next time you are coming back?

Christoph: In the middle of September I am coming back with friends!


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  1. This picture was taken in wintertime at a stormy day at Lindesnes Fyr.

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